Being a bully is going to catch up with you!

Hello, are you a bully? Do you take time out of your day to make someone else feel bad, so you can feel better?

Do you pick out someone’s flaws to hide your own? Do you want to fit in, so join in the bullying to avoid being a bully?



Ok, so it’s just a word to you and me but it means a lot more to those you subject to your nonsense.

So what? They’re a bit different? They look a bit strange to you? Too quiet, or too loud? They annoy you because they have something you don’t? are something you aren’t?

How would you feel if someone did the same to you? Pretty bad I’d guess. Besides, you have no idea what is going on for that person, they could have issues that they are dealing with already, and then you decide to add fuel to the fire. Well done, you are now a Category A melon.

So What?

Right now, it doesn’t matter to you what or who you are subjecting to a tirade of abuse. It’s just words, just a tweet, just a comment or message, right? They’ll get over it, right? WRONG!

That person you currently hate because they are a bit more intelligent than you. They might grow to be successful business people, who could end up being your interviewer when applying for a job one day. Do you think they have forgotten who you were? Do you think they will take you as the person you are now, rather than then, based on their experiences with you? Highly doubtful.

That person who you think is a misfit or less intelligent than you. They could potentially be the business owners and inventors of tomorrow. Do you think they will remember you? Probably not. Will they remember being bullied? Yes they will.

Bullying can have lasting effects on people, their lives and self-esteem. It can lead to issues later in life and prevent people growing and maturing the way that they are meant to.

I’m not talking about just the people you are bullying, I’m talking about you, the person doing the bullying.

Is it too late?

In some cases, yes. If you have been making someone’s life hell for a period of time, the chances are you will never get that person on-side ever again. You have lost that individual, and you should just steer clear of them.

In most cases, no. You can make amends by simply not doing what you are doing now. Leave those people alone and concentrate on you.

Can you be a better person, a better academic, or a better apprentice? If you put even half the effort into you as you do them, you would likely excel.

Do you find that bullying is the only way you get your frustrations out? Take up a hobby or sport and use that energy elsewhere, trust me it’s better.

Why Bother?

People today are more connected than ever. As such you are more exposed than ever. There are very few secrets in the world these days.

The internet is a vast and magical place, full of all things great and terrible, but did you know that most things that go on the internet never leave?

If you are being a real idiot to someone, online or otherwise, it will last forever, be seen forever, and you can do little to hide it. It will hold you back later in life, guaranteed.

But think a little more. If you make someone’s life hell, you are giving them every reason to want to react. What happens if your deepest, darkest secrets get out? Could that happen? Damn right it can. Especially if you give people a reason to want to see you fall over. Why would you bother making yourself a target? Why add that complication to your life?

The take away…

Don’t be a D**k. There’s no reason that exists that makes it acceptable.

Leave people alone, they don’t deserve your cr*p, and shouldn’t need to put up with it.

Concentrate on making yourself a better person and help other become better versions of themselves. You’ll reap the rewards as you get older.

Speak to someone. If you find yourself being a turd to someone for no good reason, tell someone. You may have issues you need to address too.

Concentrate less on other people’s flaws and embrace your own. Work hard and get to the places you know you can.

And Remember…

There’s always a bigger fish. Don’t set yourself up as bait.

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